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'It is in her Nature, Individual and Unique'

From a very young age I surrounded myself within the animal tribes and our world of natural resources,  absorbing myself into all of life’s experiences. Using my intuition to guide me through my spiritual journey & growth. Living in full trust of the 6 senses, our creator, earth spirit and all sentient beings. 


I am continuously educating myself, and traveling worldwide in devotion to share all my wisdom, whilst connecting with like heart mind in creation.  Further more undergoing deep transformations to understand full cellular healing.  I believe our birthright is to heal ourselves naturally and live a fully abundant healthy experience in completing our personal soul contracts and life purpose as humans in learning. 


My observance in light work, healing modalities, and awareness magnified as i accepted my psychic abilities and by honoring from the heart space, I am able to translate the journey in the multidimensional language, collaborating balance between worlds. 


I live in honor of our existence assisting the collective in also understanding ones personal journey and experience. I inspiringly share my own wisdom through various modalities of energy healings, etheric readings, nonverbal communication, automatic spirit writing, art mediumship, yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition, health, and spiritual mentoring for the overall wellness of Mind Body Spirit, helping the transition in ascension and collaboration to source. 


’intergrating the whole through practice’


Energy Readings/Healing/Intercellular Communication

I feel so very blessed  to have opened and appreciate natural connections across this planet and the outerworld.

Divine guidance is to aid the connection and understanding through your personal experiences and spiritual growth, reconnecting and activating cellular DNA, releasing energies, patterns and potential challenges that have arisen in this human/karmic experience of passed and present lifetimes.


I offer various intuitive energy healings and intercellular communication readings for humans and animals.  Each session requires a space of relaxation and personal desire to connect and heal. As I attune into the sensories of any sentient being, the telepathic communication and energy chanels open.


Modalities include Reiki, Angelic and Crystal Healing, Intercellular non verbal and clear verbal communication, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, telepathy, color, sound and light work. Intuitive etheric downloads are clear and direct with some benifits  that you will experience are:

  • Chakra Cleansing, balancing and re-aligning
  • Help to recognise and clear any emotional & physical issues
  • Help to stimulate the immune system
  • Boosting of energy levels
  •  Sensing of well being and being at peace
  •  Assisting the body’s natural detoxification processes
  •  Helping to relieve from stress and anxiety
  • Relaxation and revitalisation of body and mind. 
  • A clear and greater understanding of your true purpose and life direction
  • Spiritual guidence and mentoring
  • Tools and techniques, methods and wisdom to contiue useing along your path
  • Soul transistion and assistance in ascention

 When the healing is complete we can discuss how you are feeling and I will make sure you feel grounded before the session completes.

I Look forward to meeting you,

Love & Light xo



Trustworthy Guidence

The path of greatness is different for everyone, we have our own passions, gifts and talents that will make a positive difference to humanity. Our personal soul path is each unique and it is my honour to comfort and guide you through yours, energy healing is being true to yourself and all that you are.

I invite you to walk with me on this amazing journey of healing transformation for your heart, the hearts of the animals  and the heart of the planet.

Many Blessings, I Love You ~ Natasha x

HELP OUR CAUSE _ Immediate Care and Fundraising for Nicaraguan Horses in need.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for the Nicarguan Horses in desperate need of immediate health care. Your generous donation will fund our mission to provide essential veterinary care, food, clean water and proceeding expenses for circumstancial adoption, health and welbeing.

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As the story goes, like many animals upon the planet, conditioning and welfare can be a less than of importance or value to some. ~ a life in Nicaragua has faced me with some of the deepest situations I could ever imagine.
It might take millenniums to shift these situations, but if those who are called can create even the smallest intentions toward this recovery here and now, well, let’s see what we can continuously create and be the change we wish to see together ❤️

Session Scheduling & Payment

Spiritual Coaching/Healing/Readings and Disant sessions are available for clients who live out of the area and are done over the phone/skype/distant. 

All appointments booked must be pre-paid in full.  A scheduled appointment is not confirmed until payment is received.  Thank you.  Blessings. xx

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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| Natasha Lazdins |

San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua

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