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It is often said that you never stop learning about horses. They are complex animals with individual personalities and there is a great deal of differing information available from a variety of sources, which can make it difficult to know where to turn. 

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and also one of the poorest, with high levels of poverty and unemployment. The country contains an estimated 400,000 working horses, which communities depend upon for vital income and services.

'El Antiguidad' Awareness Outreach

Like many animals upon the planet, conditioning and welfare can be a less than of importance or value to some.

A life in Nicaragua has faced many with some of the deepest and darkest situations one could ever imagine, living extreme poverty, diminished health, welfare  and limited or nil living essentials such as food and clean water.  The vast majority of animals in this country have unfortunatly been the worst to suffer malnutrition and  minimally provided attention, adequte health and veterinary care or treatment due to these circumstances.

It might take millenniums to shift these situations, but if those who are called can create  a posititive intent toward this recovery here and now,  we are able to provide for the animals as a team and  be the  great change we wish to see together  ❤️

I hold Endless gratitude for your Support as I continue my mission over here with the community doing the groundwork for our Nicaraguan Sentients.

With incredible encouragement I have managed to personally adopt 8 animals full time and have fostered and recovered many. So grateful for all of your hearts!!!!! So much Love to everyone!!! Xo

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'El Antiguidad' Campaigne Fundraising


What happens to the money we raise through this tribute fund?

Donations to this tribute fund will be used to pay for critical rehabilitation and veterinary care and nutritional needs for the many horses of  NIcaragua in desperate need of our help. 


With enough funds raised we are able to provide  medical treatment, food and water supply, veterinarian cost and potential rehoming where applicable, and or contiuous treatment. With such incredible community support, as a team we have managed to oversee full recovery and rehoming for numerous horses in San Juan del Sur. 


Exciting opportunities lie ahead in Nicaragua for us to address the suffering of working horses in a holistic manner, achieving long term welfare improvements by building services and empowering the community with the knowledge to care for their horses better.

'El Antiguidad' Funding Vision

Program Vision For Our Future

To create a program that will focus on sustainability enabling communities to have access to key service providers that will offer skilled and affordable solutions to many of the common problems faced by working horses and their owners.

Working horses are used throughout Nicaragua to provide a livelihood to horse owners and their families, and play a central and vital role to the country’s poorest communities.  Horses are used to collect and transport recyclable materials and rubbish, transport fruit, vegetables and other goods, and in agriculture.  They also provide transport enabling families to go to market, children to get to school and family members to get to health clinics and hospitals.  Without their horse many families would be unable to make a living and in Nicaragua it is evident how heavily whole communities rely on their working horse for their livelihood.

The comunnity of San Juan del Sur has a  trained Veterirnarian and Farrier  allowing horse owners with funds to receive regular and on-going treatment on many aspects of horse care, health and husbandry. 

Our goal is to provide group education and  training to locals within  horse owning communities.  Essential knowledge and skills will give oportunites to care for working horses properly, alleviating suffering and leaving a lasting legacy of better horse care.

By interrateing with a  community based approach to the programe, as well as strengthening the curriculum and training in veterinary students in equine medicine, it is expected that horse owners will feel supported and be able to maintain the health of their animals and prevent the deterioration of their working horse.  The health of any horse and its ability to work is crucial for the livelihood of many Nicaraguan families.



HELP OUR CAUSE _ Immediate Care and Fundraising for Nicaraguan Horses in need.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for the Nicarguan Horses in desperate need of immediate health care. Your generous donation will fund our mission to provide essential veterinary care, food, clean water and proceeding expenses for circumstancial adoption, health and welbeing.

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