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"When we open our hearts to balance, clarity and harmony—in other words, the beauty of our world as it should be and our place in it—then healing, contentment, transformation and renewal with our animals will follow"

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for the Nicarguan Horses in desperate need of immediate health care. Your generous donation will fund our mission to provide essential veterinary care, food, clean water and proceeding expenses for circumstancial adoption, health and welbeing.

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Joined in Love.

Nothing embodies the essence of unconditional love like an animal. They can be our greatest teachers through their unlimited capacity for forgiveness, acceptance and understanding. For many of us, our pets are considered family members and maintaining their health is as important as our own and any loved ones.

I invoke the healing and non verbal/intercellular  communication with all animals under any circumstances. i am so grateful for your loving kindness compassion and trust through this process. 


Animal Healing & Reiki

Animal Reiki and Healing isn’t something we “do” to animals, it’s about learning how to focus our mind and heart in a compassionate way to help others. Natasha uses the most respectful and gentle approach, that can help even the most sensitive or traumatized animals. The healing is limitless.

Reiki and Energy Healing assists the recipient in achieving a deep state of relaxation where miracles of healing on all levels take place. Reiki releases energy blockages that over time prevent our animals from living a life of peace and optimal health.

Palisanto was found on roadside alone & came in for some weeks until we found him a forever home.

This is a  non-invasive, complementary healing practice that promotes healing, as well as overall health and well-being. 

Reiki can be used alone or as a complement to other healing practices, serving all animals. It is effective in providing relief to the discomfort of arthritis, digestion issues, anxiety and other psychological, physical, dis-ease and emotional issues, as well as assisting them in transitioning from this lifetime.


Often times, animals are in our homes because we have rescued them or adopted through  shelters and animal control facilities. or wild circumstances. Unfortunately, many animals, including our pets, have not always experienced a gentle existence due to the affects of previous neglect, abuse or abandonment as a result of being under the ownership of people with inhumane values toward our four-legged and winged friends. 

All animals deserve the opportunity to return to a place of physical and emotional balance, and offering Reiki to any animal is a natural healing alternative of heart to heart understanding and connection.

Intercellular Healing & Non Verbal Communication

Animal Communication is the transference of messages between human and animal based on telepathy or mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication.

As animals return to a place of inner peace and well-being, their loving personalities resurface and they become more desirable and attractive to those looking for a new pet, or simply reconnecting and strengthing the understanding with your be already  beloved one.

Animal Communication is very healing and enables you to share your love, feelings and even difficult circumstances with the pets you love. Their messages create a deeper more spiritual connection, they bring peace of mind and strengthen your bonds of love, and help you understand the  purpose for them on this earthtime. Like humans, they too have their own journey.

All we have to do is tune in and connect heart to heart, mind to mind, then tap into the universal, innate language of all species.  We do that by practicing a high level of energetic communication until we are able to confidently send and receive accurate information and messages.

Natasha listens to the soul speak, Her own and others, communicating with the energy and allowing each being - human and animal kind, to enter the safe and sacred space she holds. Understanding the individual path for each spirit, keeping an open mind to learn of each individual. She believes to be compassionate and kind is most important. To have a SPECIAL HEART that LISTENS. Restablishing and understanding oneness and soul relationships of our tribes.

"Let me witness the deepest promise of greatness in every living creature i meet. Let me believe in the fruit that has yet to be born in them, and support them with gentle counsel"


About my Practice

Energy Communication, Healing & Reiki Sessions

God gives us all a gift to help others, and through this guidance, I share. I take my animal encounters and connections as honourably as with all relationships and people. I allow the other being to come to me, when they are ready to accept  and trust, then admisiter a pratice of Reiki, Angelic Healing and Energy/Telepathic Communication. To live in any being of nature ~ you have to live with it. We speak sound and subtleties, I hear, see and feel the soul and energetic language. Love and Intuition are my set of keys. The animal can accept or not, that is his/her decision ~ As with people, it is important to respect boudaries and trust that the healng will go where and when needed.

My driving point for connection is the meditation and sitting time spent with each animal, attuning into the body and energy sensories, just being. We are learning together how to grow into our dual and individual purpose, our soul contracts to eachother,  trusting and respecting healthy boundaries.

The animals know I am not here to bind or control them, they know I am just here to Love them. They want to be heard and recognised, so I am holding space, and giving them a voice.

Every morning and night I balance my own energies, and chakra alignment, also each of my own animals. They too have found me out of traumatic circumstance and have transformed. When energy is balanced, it allows to be understood, then so are the animals. The magnetic connection, communication and undeniable bond for all animals has been of my entire life, they find me, they follow, they ask to be heard. I meditate with them, for them, and bring us into the sound of silence to hear, see, feel and allow the attunement.  This is commitment, a love for patience, and with transformations beyond what words can describe. I strongly beleive if your animal is off balance or ‘unwell’ , you can also look within yourself and cure something also. They are our reflection, and hold so much for us. So much magic. 

So this is what I do. This is my gift. I connect with energy, soul to soul communication. We all speak the language of soul. Animal or human. When you balance the relationship with yourself, you can balance your pet and your relationship with another. It goes beyond measures of logic ~ yet it makes so much sense. it is an intuitive and trustworthy process. It teaches you patience, and that there is no such thing as time. I teach and mentor through my own experience, and intuitive guidance. An alternative way of understanding Truth and divinity of oneness, and so the the shift takes place. 

Physical presence and Distant Sessions are Highly & Equally effective. Through review and practice i have actually found most cases with animals, distant endures the animal to be more receptive and comfortable as the physical in unknow territory is dissolved.

I have worked with Animals all over the world, with all sorts of 'issues'. The energetic wellbeing carries into the physical wellbeing and longevity and quality of life.  The transformations are profoundly rapid and your animal will absolutly appreciate every momet of this practice. Sighs of releif.

It is my honour to guide the translation of  soul language and healing for your understanding and wellbeing of all animals. 

Thankyou so much for your support of all beings, i look forward to your session.

Natasha - xxx

Kept by God.

My wish that all persons in this world could experience the little fragments of magic these animals bring me.  Through Our sessions, i will guide you to unlock a new level of understanding, connection and the personal relationship you have with your pet.

I invite you to walk with me on this amazing journey of healing transformation for your heart, the hearts of the animals, and the heart of the planet.