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What if everything is just an illusion?

Time is Art. A prophecy, of what our innermost self can create. if you just allow yourself to be immersed in an untouched piece of the magic that you already are. 

Exploring personal uniquness, expressing the color , texture and vibrational patterns of the transcripts and transistions of simply being.

The Twilight Zone

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic. - Frank Herbert

Beyond time and space, unseduced by the illusion. 

My Art is a medium to express the  shifts through texture, and color reveiling layers of messages though the illusion of time.

With open intention, expression of flow, visualising through eyes of the divine. I trust my deep intuitive guidence, i am transcendent beyond cultural boundairies, I allow that which wants to be shown to each individual eye, just to be ~ What do you see? What is the message held for your progression and journey in this mystery?

Let yourself travel through a magic portal to the other dimensions. 

Art Series

What I share with you are pieces of magnificence catered for persons all over the world.  I am so honoured, and so grateful that each individual series has trusted me to just go for it, roaring uniquness, streaming  connections out of this world.

If you have concept, abstractual idea, I invite you to leave your canvas to my imagination. 

Art Pieces

All pieces are scripted, dated and signed.  RIghts reserved for sale after illistrations are published within client series.

Please contact further for enquiries on creating your edition with me.

With Love, 

Natasha  xx

The Book Of Love and Frequencies Evolving


A Masquerade.

This is a piece I worked on last year whilst in a point of deep ‘illness’. I had not painted in a long time. Years and years actually. But when, I had nothing or my usual mediums of expression to turn too, as so to relieve what I was going through ~ deep pray for a  form of survival ~ God told me to return to this. The only way I could express myself. I was not able to meditate, yoga, eat or move, as my organs were failing disolving the remaing parts of dark shadow as the last part of a purgeing for my rebirth. Although in a Bait of confusion ~ I knew the truth was that I was being universally forced to sit and allow the process of deepest painful unlayering to shift me into my next turn in ascension. And here is that expression.

This piece, 'A Masquerade' is laying in 'The Book of Love and Frequencies Evolving'  by Shirley Sienna Coventry. of Divining Me --  Australian author, medium, spiritual teacher and psychic.

Needless to say I am honoured and most of all I want to show you what flowers through grime when you self honour each and every moment of the process. It all means growth and greatness for your life if you listen and do the work you are guided to do. 

Thankyou everyone for you entirety of support and blessings always and for helping me get through all of what was, is and too come .

Moving Through The Portal


Color Activation.


The Love Craze.

Who do you Love most? You are angel and you have your team. You are one with your inner knowing, you deepest truth and intuition. Noone will ever understand you if you do not understand yourself. Galactical Atoms of essential beings, frequencies of Love in the astrial zones. The Love that is out of this world. Take me to Space. and leave me with my heart shimmering.


Frequent Chanting.

Vibrational frequencies, that zap you in and out of conscious awakening. The soul speak of craze, shattered awareness of what is greater than ourselves. I invite you to OM. To find the place into Zen, that you are. Rockets exploding out of dimensions to exuberate the one thing that your never thought you would acheive. An experation date. Vibrate higher. Find your OM.

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