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Tash, You amazing light! Thank you again so much for today, I loved every second of the session and  how acurate you are.

Erica Halse, Australia

Thank you so so much for today Tash! You’re amazing. I’m not sure how you did it but I feel light and grateful and can’t stop laughing, this was a really beautiful gift.

Charlie Brown, Nicaragua

Hey Natasha. I hope you are doing well. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I did an energy healing with you this past May. I just wanted to thank u so much (again) for that experience. I was so sad and in such a dark place for so so long before coming to Nicaragua. And after my time there and meeting you I feel like it was such a great turning point. I cannot even remember how sad I felt. And I have been able to slowly move forward. The other day I was just thinking about how far I’ve come. And wanted to thank u so so so much. ❤️

Cala, Florida USA

Natasha did a long distance reiki and energy healings session on my pup, Maui. Maui had broken her arm (leg?) and was having issues behaviorally and physically. Natasha was kind enough to do a long distance reading on Maui and revealed to me much of Maui’s thoughts and feelings, but also cleansed her energy of negativity and opened her up to healing. I’m not kidding. Maui improved head over tails within hours, nay minutes, of the reading. I truly feel Natasha was able to connect with her spirit and energy and communicate between the two of us, as well as help her overcome her own feelings of being broken, being small, and being frustrated.  Bonus: Maui immediately went through a growth spurt following that reading. I cannot thank Natasha enough. I feel like I have a better understanding of her feelings as well as her increased healing capabilities. I was also treating Maui like an adult dog, when she is in fact, a puppy. Natasha helped clear blocks that had formed in our relationship. We are both in a much better space now. Thank you Natasha!

Jocelyn, Canada 

So I made a call out to the Queen of Animals Natasha Lazdins, I made a request for her offerings of long distance healing for Austin my Doggie. She came back with a full report of his scan and she was bang on when it came to all his weakness spots that are hindering him, I did not mention what was hurting on him, just sent a photo of him laying there and she nailed it all. I am very impressed by her healing ability as Austin is in quite good form from after wards, we had a big walk today he is dog gone great, he was bed ridden and full of croup, not any longer! I am still in awe how she pin pointed each of his vulnerable body parts to a tee. Magical woman you are thank you from Austin and I! If you believe in energetic healing believe in Natasha, Believe ME! 

Cori Brennan Golanowski, Canada

Hi Natasha, I wanted to thank you again for the session with me. It definitely did something with me. I cannot exactly say what but I can feel a difference. In the first days I was very inpatient with other people and with myself. Almost a little aggressive. And then I started to face my real emotions a little more. I just let them happen. I feel a little bit more clear in my mind. I know at least what I dont want. But at the same time there is a chaos because there are so many options for the future. I guess I just go with flow! 🙂  Thank you so much! You are amazing! xx

Lena, Nicaragua 

I received a message from a horse called Pluto. Very sacred and special, and goodness...he is a giver!!! when i read the message, i got goosebumps, it was spot on. Love this and I highly recomend for all to do yourself the favor! Natasha, thanks for making this happen.

Carmel Duff, Australia

I had a reading from Natasha in June.  I had not asked for anything specific, just messages.

Well, it was interesting and mostly pertinent at the time, but oh my goodness – 3 months later and so much of what she saw/wrote has come to fruition.

I am impressed and very pleased.  Natasha has a most beautiful, kind and loving presence about her.  Such a gentle soul.  Thank you Natasha, from the depths of my heart!

Angelika Gregorich, Australia

'Coinsedently' I met Natasha on a trip to Nicaragua, and practiced her yoga classes weekly. (Awesome BTW), and after picking her brain about energy and healing, we scheduled a session and I went in with an open mind to learn more. It was all very new to me,   but over the next days after the session, everything Natasha said came so accurate and true! I dont know how she does it but I can tell you she is an extremly kind, patient, and humerous soul, and I reccomend meeting her if you have the chance. 

Nicholas, USA

After 5 months of continuous stress, on the day when the good news came I had my relief and a big rock fell off of my chest. I thought everything is going to be just fine now but no. The very next day my whole body was in pain. I had terrible headaches and it felt like I pinched a nerve on my back, it was so painful for days I couldn’t move, I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t sleep. I hardly ever take any medications but in these couple of days I think I took 4-5 painkillers a day. Nothing seemed to be helping. That’s when Natasha popped in my mind. I knew she’s a spiritual healer and even though that I’m on nonbeliever I thought I should give it a try. We had 1 1/2 session at her house. She told me I should fully trust her and not question what she was going to do and honestly I thought this is going to be just another abracadabra because she didn’t do much besides what she said it was energy shifting and a tiny bit of massage. But the funny thing is Me as a non believer still could relax on a level during this one and a half hours that she got all sorts of emotions out of me. I laughed, I cried, I was happy, I was indescribably sad,  I even saw some unexplainable random pictures in my head. Don’t think I’m crazy though , After the session I went home, I still had a lot of pain when I went to bed and I fell asleep. The next day when I woke up believe it or not I had no pain. Like zero. Nothing. I immediately called her and I was screaming on the phone saying girl what did you do to me, how did you do it, what just happened? I was so happy and I had so much energy that on the very same day I went from massive serve sesh and I did really well. I bless this girl she’s someone really special and I’m so fortunate that I can call her my friend. After this experience my whole view of holistic spiritual healing has completely changed. Why would you need medications and pain killers when you can actually focus on your body and heal yourself. Thank you Natasha I love you with all my heart.

Melinda Balazs, Nicaragua

Earlier this year I had a healing session with Natasha and it was amazing! Not only did I feel better physically but also mentally and spiritually!!

In addition, she made me an essential oil/coconut oil solution that was extremely beneficial in healing but was awesome for my skin!!

I highly recommend Natasha, she has amazing skills!!

Cole Dunlap
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The first time I felt real peace and had a clear mind is when I stumbled into Natasha’s yoga class in Nicaragua. I was in a rut with music and Her teaching and then distant energy reading some how got me out of it and I ended up creating something beautiful something I never thought I could make. 

Frank Kadillac - Neon Dreams | Production/Vocals

LA, California

I have watched  and experienced Natasha's growth and understanding of the ways with which the spirit world works to influence us, and her journey has escalated into having a pure and strong connection in both  physical/spiritual healing methods and communication  and solid accurate interpretation and confirmation in both these modalities.

ShirleySienna, Psychic/Medium/Spiritual Teacher

Melbourne, Australia

Natasha is working with my Pitbull via distant healing & communication. Opal had surgery, infections, UTI, high-dose antibiotics and was not responding positivly to treatments. Natasha was very acurate with information she was receving and communication. After only one session, Opal woke up in great spirits the following  morning, A silly/trusting laying on her back pose first thing. Both dogs were playing again for the first time in months.  Thank you.

Mary - Nicaragua

I’ve had the pleasure of taking Natasha’s classes and also doing energy work with her. The yoga class was physically and mentally invigorating and heart warming. During the energy work, it was incredible how quickly Natasha was able to see straight through to the blocks in my life and do her magic. Can’t wait to continue working with her! 

Kristin Kremers, Canada


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